POLLUTED POWER : How Koradi & Khaperkheda Thermal Power Stations are Impacting the Environment

The Koradi & Khaparkheda thermal power plants (TPPs), located near Nagpur city, have long been a source of concern for locals due to significant pollution they produce. Manthan Adhyayan Kendra, in collaboration with Asar Social Impact Advisors & Centre for Sustainable Development, conducted a study in the area near these TPPs to investigate the impact of these installations on the region’s air, land, & water resources. Questionnaire based surveys were conducted in the villages and water samples were obtained and tested from 25 locations in the region throughout 3 seasons to investigate the qualitative component of water contamination. Our investigation also looks into the regulatory bodies’ behavior in monitoring and aiding environmental pollution. The research’s findings are startling, since our examination of the study area surrounding Koradi and Khaparkheda TPPs reveals that pollution is pervasive and unrestrained, contaminating air, surface, groundwater, and soil. Recommendations have been made as a part of this report to correct the existing situation.

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Report Published on 18th November 2021