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Appeal to Support the Work of Manthan

About Manthan

Manthan was set up in 2001 to research, monitor and analyse developments in water and energy sectors, with a focus on the developments resulting from the liberalisation, globalisation and privatisation of the economy.

With decision making processes around public policies becoming highly complex and knowledge intensive, and most information, information sources and analytical capacity remaining with governments or private corporate sector, there is a critical need for independent, high quality research and analysis addressing public interest and public policy concerns. Manthan has been set up as an attempt to address this need.

With renewed push on privatisation, a larger role for big corporates and big finance in the development process and dilution of environmental and social regulations, the need for such monitoring has become all the more urgent.

Apart from carrying out analysis, Manthan is also engaged in disseminating the findings to create and influence discourse, and supports and participates in struggles and campaigns that challenge wrong projects and programs and advocate right solutions.

We believe that in the last 12 years, we have been able to make significant contributions on all these fronts.

Need for Resources

One of the biggest challenges for a group like Manthan is resources. The small size of the group, the decision not to take funds from those responsible for human rights abuses or

destruction of the environment, the often critical look at government policies and programs, all compound the difficulties in raising resources.

While Manthan attempts to work on modest budgets, rising costs, significant travel, and the need for better equipment and use of techniques like GIS etc. raise the requirements for resources.

Manthan feels it is important to raise resources and funds from people and institutions that share its political and ethical vision. Since its inception, much of Manthan’s work has been supported by contributions from friends and well-wishers who share our concerns. Since the last several years, we have also receivedsome institutional support.However, contributions from individuals remain an important support for Manthan. Apart from the support itself, raising resources from a number of sources is also an important means to anchor Manthan’s work in the society at large.


With this is mind, we appeal to you to support, and help raise support for Manthan’s work.

Contributions are eligible for benefits under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. Manthan does not have registration under FCRA Act, and hence we are not able to accept any support from foreign sources without prior intimation and prior permission from Government of India.

Contributions should be on the name of Manthan Research and Social Development Society and can be sent through bank transfer or cheque/DD. For bank details, please write to us at or or contact us on phone numbers given below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other information that you may want, or for any suggestions you have to offer. We look forward to your support.


Shripad Dharmadhikary                                                                                                                                    Rehmat

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