Water: Private, Limited

Water: Private, Limited:

Issues in Privatisation, Corporatisation and Commercialisation of Water Sector in India

Water Pvt  Cover SHORTThis booklet, a comprehensively revised and updated version of the earlier 2002 edition, presents critical issues and concerns related to privatisation, corporatisation and commercialisation of water sector in India.

There is a surge of privatisation in the water sector in India. It is being justified in the name of bringing in new investments and increasing efficiency to address the myriad problems of the water sector. At the same time, a series of restructuring programs in many states are attempting to reform the water sector and transform it into a fully commercial and market operation.

This booklet attempts to present:

  • Key issues in privatisation and commercialisation of water
  • Global experiences of the promises and practices of privatisation
  • An overview of privatisation projects in the country
  • A broad picture of the commercialisation of the water sector under the reforms program
  • Impacts of privatisation and commercialisation and emerging resistance
  • Key players including the World Bank and Asian Development Bank and the roles played by them
  • Possible options to privatisation

Rahiman Paani Cover-1Annexures providing detailed list of failed privatisation projects across the world, privatised hydropower and water supply and sanitation projects and also water sector reforms projects implemented in India.

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रहिमन पानी बिक रहा सौदागर के हाथ


Water: Private, Limited के प्रथम संस्‍करण का हिन्‍दी अनुवाद  रहिमन पानी बिक रहा सौदागर के हाथ नाम से 2003 में प्रकाशित किया गया था। पानी के निजीकरण से संबंधित बुनियादी मुद्दों का उल्‍लेख होने के कारण इस पुस्तिका की काफी मॉंग रही है। इस कारण 2013 में इसकी दूसरी आवृत्ति का प्रकाशन किया गया है।

इस पुस्तिका की पीडीएफ प्रति डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहॉं क्लिक करें।