This sub-section looks at overarching processes and developments in privatisation and commodification of water. It looks at overall policy issues, major interventions like water supply schemes under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, the series of privatisation of water supply in small towns, and other reforms in the water sector like the creation and functioning of Water Regulatory Authorities. This section also has thematic studies pertaining to water privatisation and reforms, in particular on alternatives to privatisation. It also attempts to bring together several strands to present the macro picture(s).

Reports and Articles in this Theme


पानी का बाज़ार बना मध्य प्रदेश

इस लेख मे मध्य प्रदेश में पानी के बाज़ारीकरण, निजीकरण और जलक्षेत्र सुधारों का आकलन प्रस्तुत किया गया है |

लेख, प्रकाशित फ़रवरी 2015.

डाउनलोड हेतु यहाँ क्लिक करे


PPPs: Tall claims, but little evidence

The many arguments offered in support of Public Private Partnerships don’t stand up to close examination. The private sector is not more efficient than its public counterpart, nor is cheap money accessible to it as readily. Shripad Dharmadhikary and Gaurav Dwivedi report on India Together.

Article, Published 6 October 2008.

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India Country Brief for Water Sector, 2009

India Country Brief for Water Sector provides a bird’s eye view of the privatisation and reforms processes in the country. This brief includes various stages and aspects related to privatisation efforts in the country including status of privatisation and reforms projects in the country, role of the governments and international financial institutions, changes in laws and policies that have been brought about to facilitate private participation, involvement of private corporations, impacts of privatisation and the campaigns, movements and alternatives against the privatisation efforts. It was prepared to be distributed as conference material during the Jubilee South – Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JS-APMDD) conference in Bangkok on Climate Justice and Alternatives to Water and Power sector privatisation, September – October 2009.

Brief, presented in September-October 2009.

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Privatisation and Commercialisation of Water Resources and Services in India

Since 1991, large-scale changes have been initiated in India’s economy with the liberalization, privatisation and globalisation of almost every aspect of the economy. While this process began in 1991 itself in sectors like power, in the water sector it has started recently. 17 years after the blind and hasty liberalization and privatisation, the power sector is in a mess. The reforms have been a disaster, with severe power shortages and rocketing electricity tariffs, locking the country into expensive contracts for years to come. All this has now been acknowledged even at the official level. Instead of learning from the process, an almost exactly similar process of liberalization, privatisation and globalisation is being undertaken in the water sector.

Note, published in 2008.

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