Monthly Updates on National Inland Waterways of IndiaUpdate-16: Developments in January 2021

Monthly Updates on National Inland Waterways of India

Update-16: Developments in January 2021

In continuation with the ongoing analysis of National Waterways of India, Manthan has decided to compile, on a monthly basis, major news updates from various media reports, Press Information Bureau (PIB) releases and other sources like RTI. Since work on various inland waterways is being pushed with great speed in different parts of the country, we will be updating these developments with the intention to make people more informed and involved in this massive intervention in the Indian rivers. Your support, comments and feedback will be helpful in enriching our analysis on waterways.

Update published in January 2021

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For several unavoidable reasons in the last year including Covid, we haven’t been able to publish developments in the inland waterways sector in the form of Monthly Updates. We will be capturing the issues and developments in the form of a Status Report soon. We will update the link to the report here shortly.