Comments submitted to the Central Empowered Committee on the Goa transmission line project

The State Government of Goa has planned three infrastructure projects which will pass through the Mollem National Park (NP) and the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS), apart from other sensitive areas. All three projects, though so-called “linear” projects will have serious environmental impacts, including on the protected areas through which they are to pass. The projects are being justified on account of several benefits that they will bring to the state, as well as the sometimes explicit, sometime implied argument that they are inevitable, and that there are no options to these projects.

This note here particularly focuses on one of the project planned which is, the Additional 400 kV High Tension Power Transmission Line from Narendra (Dharwad) to Xeldem (south Goa), and analyses the Justifications given by the State Government to push this project forward.

Submission sent on 22nd February 2021

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